Fire Alarms

Don’t fall into the trap that most fire alarm companies have set for you.

For years now fire alarm companies have been installing proprietary fire alarm systems that only they can service and maintain. The business model they use is to keep initial installation costs as low as possible, but they drive up the mandatory yearly inspections fees and service fees. Only then do companies realize that they must continue to do business with that company because they are the only dealers for that manufacturer in our area.

Silent Knight by Honeywell - Farenhyt Authorized Distributor

We use only open distribution fire alarm manufacturers.

The systems that we provide are low cost to maintain and they allow a company to have flexibility to use any fire alarm service provider should they choose to switch. Silent Knight by Honeywell is our go-to product of choice. It provides all of the features that the proprietary manufacturers tout, but with the benefit of being an open distribution product that any licensed fire alarm company can provide and support.

“The flexibility of the Silent Knight system was a big plus. You have one big system for everything. Sometimes on a large job I’ll see guys tying several panels together to try and make it work, and we didn’t have to do any of that.”

– Nick Markowitz, Fire Alarm Specialist at Markowitz Electric & Integration

Do what companies like Cracker-Barrel, Home Depot and many other large corporations have done…Get out of the “golden handcuff game” and use Silent Knight or other open distribution products for your fire alarm needs.

Make your Fire Alarm Contractor keep your business because of great service, pricing and response time…not because you don’t have another option.